The Lockdown Lowdown

Hi guys

How you all doing? Stuck in a lockdown limbo?  Running out of jobs to do around the house?  Running out of toilet roll yet?   As much as we’d like all this to be over and all get back to “normal” the reality is it may continue for a little while yet before we can settle back  into some new kind of normal.  So, I thought I’d offer you a few pointers to keep everything under control until your normal hair removal routine can resume.  The best thing I can suggest is to trim the hair rather than shave or use hair removal creams.  Hair removal creams only remove the hair to skin level, much like shaving does but can burn the skin.  You’ll also end up with that itchy stubbly feeling too.  Remember, hair removal creams are not designed for use on the face, scalp, genital or perianal areas.

There are a few models of inexpensive clippers available online at the moment. The Philips series 7000 multigroom is a handy, relatively inexpensive(~£50), rechargeable and showerproof tool that comes with a variety of attachments.  The Philips OneBlade (~£40) is a handy little facial trimmer that also comes with a variety of body trimming attachments.  When trimming at home, always use a guard.  The guards are graduated, generally in increments of 1/8” or 3mm with a #1 grade being 3mm, a #2 6mm etc.  The most popular lengths for body hair trimming tend to be #2 or #3 on the chest, legs and pubic hair; #1 on the underarms.  When trimming always trim against the natural direction of hair growth, that way you get a neater cut and even length.  Pay extra attention to sensitive areas, clipper around the nipple rather than over it and pay attention to any skin tags, moles or blemishes.  Powdering the skin beforehand with body powder also allows the clippers to glide over the skin more easily. When you book up for your next waxing or sugaring please don’t trim any shorter than a #3 before your appointment.

When it comes to facial hair removal do not use hair removal creams, they are not designed for use in these areas.  Some clippers come with attachments for trimming hair in these areas and they can be effective at keeping those wayward nostril and ear hairs in check.  Never insert these attachments into the ear or nasal canal, only use them to trim around the outer edges of the nostril or ear.

Finally, if you do decide to banish the bush with the clippers stand in the bath or shower whilst you do it!  Trust me, you’ll save yourself a whole heap of time cleaning the bathroom afterwards.  Let’s face it who wants to spend their furloughed hours cleaning when you could be playing Fortnite or watching Homes under the hammer!

Stay home, stay safe, stay hairy if you want to.  Remember this will end, life will return to ‘normal’ and I will be here at the end of it to banish those lockdown locks.  Look after yourselves and those dear to you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.